The sequel is familiar.  After hundreds of thousands of centuries we are trying to give the Earth its former natural appearance, we are reconstructing the primitive terrestrial crust of plastic and cement and metal and glass and enamel and imitation leather.  But what a long way we have to go!  For a still incalculable amount of time we will be condemned to sink into the lunar discharge, rotten with chlorophyll and gastric juices and dew and nitrogenous gases and cream and tears.  We still have much to do, soldering the shiny and precise plates of the primordial terrestrial sheath until we have erased--or at least concealed--the alien and hostile additions.  And with today's materials, too, concocted haphazardly, products of a corrupt Earth, trying in vain to imitate the prime substances, which cannot be equaled.

         - An excerpt from the short story entitled, The Soft Moon, from Italo Calvino's T Zero, translated by William Weaver.